October 19, 2011

A Whole Bunch of Wants

I'm pretty sure a lot of other people have a huge folder of bookmarks of things they want or plan on buying in the future. I have one, and I'm pretty sure it has 300+ bookmarks in it. Ranging from household items to clothes, electronics, art prints, anything that suits my fancy. Here is a list of 15 things I currently want and will hopefully be able to buy soon.

I've been wanting creepers for a while, and it doesn't help that my high school friend Darian makes hers look so good. I've seen cheaper pairs of creepers, but they don't look anywhere as nice as the Demonia ones.

2. Skeleton-back Tanktop

I'm honestly not sure how I came across this skeleton tanktop, I was just jumping around on Etsy and came across it. Regardless, I definitely want to get my hands on one of my own. The seller has other awesome tanktops with different designed backs as well.

I found this sweater from a photo on someone's Tumblr. I love everything about it; the fact that it is reminiscent of the older Mickey Mouse cartoons, how it's sort of twisted and dark yet kind of fun. There is a male version too, if I could ever convince Lenford to wear a pullover sweater I would definitely wear this over any other couple attire.

This is another item I found going down the Etsy rabbit hole. I've had the worst urge to purchase art prints from my favorite artists as well as newly discovered artists. I love the use of color and the blending involved in this and seriously want it on my wall or desk.

I have this thing for lockets. So far, I've owned two of my own and they have either broke or started to tarnish. I really want another locket but I don't want to have the stereotypical photo of partners or anything like that. I like the style of these drawings and even if it doesn't look like Lenford and I, that's just fine with me. It's the idea of it all.

Star Wars has never been a big thing for me. Growing up, I've always liked Star Trek for some reason. Maybe because there is just more to watch in comparison to what is now 6 full length films on the Star Wars side. Also, apart from the original three, I never want to watch any of the films if they came on TV. All that said, I LOVE this print. It just looks so cool and maybe, just maybe, I'll gain some extra nerd points by having something Star Wars related in my life.

Another item I just stumbled across. It's really cute and I've been wanting a sort of cheeky bag to carry around lately.

I had this bookmarked long before I had an interest in mori girl. But now that I do, these seem like the perfect boots to construct an outfit from. I need to find more things off of the Bodyline website though, as last I heard, their shipping has become a bit crazy.

In terms of jewelry, my two biggest collections are necklaces and earrings. I have so many of them. I don't keep bracelet as often because I use my hands a lot they just get in the way, and I don't have many rings because my sausage fingers just don't fit many of them. Anyway, I like small statement necklaces like the one above, and the star just makes me think of Sailor Mar's choker.

It's been about a year since I've owned circle lenses. I've only had two pairs, a black pair and a green pair that were super uncomfortable. I preferred black anyway because the greens were just too unnatural and didn't even stand out that much. I hear such good things about Barbie lenses and I thought that the Lace versions were really cute.

I found this through fellow blogger Oli's blog when she mentioned helping out a friend of her's for a show. Looking up said friend's website, I came across this adorable necklace. Also, pretzels remind me of New York so I figure it would be a nice reminder of where I spent so much time in.

I found out about iswas from a blog post by Jenny at Sushi-Cat. Looking through their inventory, I thought this bag was pretty awesome. I like shopping bags, and this one is definitely pretty cute.

I just really want this for my mori closet. I like taking backpacks on full day outings, and the only one I have is a cotton candy pink one that can barely hold anything.

Kpop ankle socks are definitely NOT a guilty pleasure of mine. Out of all the ones I have seen, this one is the cutest, and I want all of them (I normally just buy the pair with the member I like on it).

If you're on Tumblr, you probably have seen the Sweetheart earrings made by the same person who made these. The Sweetheart earrings are cool, but I'm a sucker for cats and the color blue.

I'm hoping some of these stay in stock so I can end up purchasing them. Other than that, I've been learning to drive stick shift. Crap is it scary if you've never had any experience before! I've been doing alright, but still a bit rugged. I'm hoping I can get my license soon, but driving is still kind of scary for me.

Until next time,

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