November 3, 2011

A Mori Wedding

I've been talking here and there about Mori Girl fashion. On one of the main Mori Girl tumblrs, the topic of a Mori themed wedding was brought up.

This got me thinking, because I've been engaged since around February. I'm not comfortable with those cupcake white dresses, I don't like showing much skin so many of the backless dresses are out, and I don't much like white. So what is a girl who is interested in Mori fashion to do? Well, how about have a Mori wedding (or elopement rather)?

I ran it by Len, since even though every person in the world likes to make it seem as if it really is "the bride's day," in reality, two people are involved in a marriage - therefore two people are involved in a wedding. He's fine with it so long as he can wear stuff that is comfortable for him, which isn't mori, but isn't the complete opposite either.

Anyway~ onto the idea of a Mori wedding!