November 3, 2011

A Mori Wedding

I've been talking here and there about Mori Girl fashion. On one of the main Mori Girl tumblrs, the topic of a Mori themed wedding was brought up.

This got me thinking, because I've been engaged since around February. I'm not comfortable with those cupcake white dresses, I don't like showing much skin so many of the backless dresses are out, and I don't much like white. So what is a girl who is interested in Mori fashion to do? Well, how about have a Mori wedding (or elopement rather)?

I ran it by Len, since even though every person in the world likes to make it seem as if it really is "the bride's day," in reality, two people are involved in a marriage - therefore two people are involved in a wedding. He's fine with it so long as he can wear stuff that is comfortable for him, which isn't mori, but isn't the complete opposite either.

Anyway~ onto the idea of a Mori wedding!

The Dress

1. Romantic Vintage Dress // 2. Custom Made Wool Jersey Sheath Dress // 3. Vintage Empire Dress in Sage // 4. Romantic Pink Ballerina Dress // 5. Cute Boho style long sleeve SUNDRESS //
6. Nataya Vintage Inspired Wedding Gown with Shawl

The big thing about Mori is to be soft and flowy. On top of that, natural colors (though there is a lot of white also, so a white dress isn't off the map). I'm kind of on the short side (I don't think I'm even 5'4"), so I don't like draping dressings because they make me look stumpy. Longest I'll go is around the ankles, but I typically like things around knee-length like #2. Since Len and I would prefer eloping as opposed to having a big or even small wedding, we can be a bit more casual and laid back.

Also, with the exception of #6, all of these are under $200. People in the US generally spend around $26,000 on a wedding, it would be silly to spend that much on an elopement.

The Headpieces

1. Woodsy halo - style 2 // 2. Flower headband: Nature // 3. Autumn head wreath //
4. Woodsy halo, style 1 // 5. josephine // 6. tiny toadstool hair wreath

Like a crown of flowers, but a bit more permanent.  For the most part, (to me at least) these are all relatively easy to replicate, or make one of my own. Still haven't figured out what to do with my hair though, weather to keep it wavy and down or wear it up. But lucky me we're not getting married very soon so I have some time to mull over it.

The Accessories

1. Mori Girl Wooden Brooch // 2. Moonlight Mirage // 3. Hand Knit Cotton Shawl //
4. OPHELIA Statement Bib Necklace // 5. OOAK Snow Dot Pendant Necklace //
6. Beautiful Triangle Milky-Brown Shawl

I kind of went in every which direction for accessories. I guess it would just depend on the dress. I am kind of looking at some sort of fall/early spring wedding, so it would make sense that shawls would come into play.


It's cool living in Oregon, it's like one of the ideal backdrops for a mori girl. Woodlands and forest almost everywhere. Len & I were sort of thinking about the coast, but we haven't set anything in stone yet. Pinterest has a lot of great examples and set ups for forest weddings too!

Well that's it for now~ I'll post again soon with more photos I've taken.

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